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Do you have a passion project that would positively impact the world if you only had a website?

Miko Care Design can help bring your vision to life.

Designs with everyone in mind.

Websites that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) website compliance and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Do you need content?

From website copy to the pages in your legal section to video and more, Miko Care Design can help.

Bring Your Vision to Life on the Web

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You have a project or business vision with the goal of making a positive impact on the world, but you need help to bring this to life on the Web. Whether you’re a speaker, health practitioner, survivor, or someone with a unique vision and story to share, you want to use the web to reach your people. You just don’t have the time.

Miko Care Design can help. With over two decades of experience at all levels of website design, content strategy, content creation, digital marketing, and a mission to support those who are impacting the world positively, I am delighted to help bring your vision to life on the web.

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Why Miko Care Design?


Your website will be built on a foundation of accessibility so that as many people on as many devices can access your work by meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) website compliance and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), both designed to make the website easier to use for everyone. Accessibility is essential and has become a legal requirement for websites serving visitors in California and the EU.


In addition to accessibility, do you have a privacy policy, terms of service, and a cookie notice for your website? Miko Care Design can take care of this for you.


Your website’s design is there to help communicate your vision and message. Do you have text for your pages? If you need written content, website copywriting, video, or more, I can add that to your website creation.

The Birth of Miko Care Design

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Miko Hargett, Miko Care Design's Founder

Believe it or not, shortly after I started as a freelance designer in 2000 while working by day as a content specialist for a big telecom company, I got a strange compliment. I was called the Evil Queen of Spam, credited with creating cleaner websites for spammers. I thought they were email marketers! Oops.

After that I co-founded digital marketing businesses with the goal of improving the experience for users through thoughtful design and strategy, as well as creating profitable campaigns for business owners. We created survey websites, added calculators to free quote landing pages, designed a homeowner portal, wrote website and email copy for lead generation, built, and ran email marketing campaigns, and delved into the world of data hygiene and email list management.

Sometimes life changes everything for you, and then brings you back full circle. I took a break from tech in 2012 to focus on health and wellness, a lifelong passion, and became a caregiver for memory care patients (with Alzheimer and dementia), a fitness instructor and personal trainer, and a gym manager. I volunteered with Girls in Tech Las Vegas to rekindle my passion for technology.

A breast cancer diagnosis and eight years of reconstruction got me rethinking everything—would I go back to tech? Yes! With renewed heart and zest for life, along with a strong belief in the value that technology brings to people who are committed to sharing their gifts and vision with the world. In 2023 I was certified as a Web Design Professional through Vegas PBS (Public Broadcasting System).

Miko Care Design was created to help bring unique visions to life on the web. From messaging to function to design, your website is meant to support your mission. Let’s create a solution that’s just right, both for you and for those you inspire and serve.


Miko Hargett (Maria Walls)


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Are you excited to bring your vision to life on the web, but not sure where to start? Book a call today!

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